Piktochart: make custom infographics (+video!)

Recently, I posted about using infogr.am to create infographics. After that, I received an email from the co-founder of Piktochart, named Ching, who asked me if I had previously tried their site; and for my assessment of the tool.

Piktochart was completely new to me, so I immediately signed up and started building graphics. The Piktochart team ended up giving me a limited access to play with their paid upgrade, so I could show you the difference in what you get for your $$. (It’s about $30/month for the pro version.)

I have to say, I love this site! I thought I had created custom pieces before, but I had no idea! You really can build from the ground up with this tool. I’m hooked. (But watch the video through to the end where I tell you two things I would like to see updated.) To see a piece that I made using the site, click here.

That said, when you’re using Piktochart be prepared to settle in. I tend to get lost in the possibilities & I’ve never been on the site for less than a few hours. It IS possible, though, I suppose. :)

I’m excited to bring you info on another free tool that will help you build up your communications! Enjoy the video!


I feel like I would be remiss if I didn’t mention an apparent rivalry between the two sites. infogr.am created a mock site (purchasing the URL: piktochart.org) and states that Piktochart helps you create pixelcharts.” Piktochart addresses the issue rather nicely in their blog.

This kind of negative marketing gets under my skin, so I’m not prepared to use infogr.am all that often at this point. Even if I chose not to use Piktochart, there are other options for building out a graphic; and they aren’t attacking their competition in such an overt & sophomoric way.

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